“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

Like a Snowglobe

My eyes widened in horror as I watched the oval-shaped snowglobe fall through the air towards the hard tile floor underneath it.  It seemed to fall in slow-motion.  I reached my hands out to stop its fall, but I was too late.  It smashed to the floor in a crash of glass and funny smelling liquid.

You see, when I was younger we celebrated Epiphany every year.  Epiphany is the day on which the three Wisemen arrived at the end of their journey to meet Jesus.  We took some time to gather in our living room and read the story of the Wisemen.  At the end of the time, my mom always gave each of us a small present to commemorate how the men brought presents to Jesus.  I was thrilled with the idea as you can imagine, and not because of spiritual reasons I’m afraid.  This year I was 8 years old and had received a perfect glass snowglobe that had a statue of a shepherd as its centerpiece.  I loved it with all my heart and brought it with me everywhere I went for the next few days.

But one fateful day I set my present down on a low stool.  I can still remember the instant someone accidently bumped the stool and my snowglobe went plunging to the ground.  It shattered on the floor and I ran to my room and cried for what seemed like hours on my bed.  Even for the next few days I couldn’t bear to think of my precious snowglobe which had been broken on the floor because of one careless bump.

The reason I share this story is because it shares many similarities for those of us who have grown up in families with divorced parents.   Sometimes it seems so pointless, like just one little “bump” and my whole life changed forever.

But through the last few years I’ve figured something out.  Pretty much everything on the planet is going to fail me at one time or another.  Think about it.  Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who has never done you wrong?

The reason why I was so devastated at the death of my snowglobe was because I was putting all my hope in it.  That is really the reason for any heartbreak.  Sometimes when I feel a lump in my throat because it gets hard to visit my dad’s house, it is because I am putting too much hope in my circumstances. The key is to put my hope in something that will NEVER fail me..

And I found it!  Or more accurately, He found me.  His name is Jesus.  Through my entire relationship with him, all 16 years, he has never once failed me in any way.  In fact, the more I put my heart and life into serving him, the more I will be satisfied.  He will never disappoint me because it he is greater, more wonderful, more loving, more real than I could imagine.  He loves me so much that it is impossible for him to hurt me. I’ve found that he is worthy of my heart.

I know that any other thing in this universe will disappoint me.  People will fail me, things will break and get old, my health will not always be what I want it to, and my family is not perfect.  But all that pales in comparison to the Person I know who will NEVER fail me.  When I have a bad day I remember that my hope is not in my circumstances, so my circumstances can’t steal my joy.

Evaluate your life.  Is your hope in the only Person in the universe who will uphold you?


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