“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

Guest Testimony #1

Dear Readers,
This week has been pretty crazy with school and I haven’t been able to finish part two of the Abraham series yet.  Because of that, I decided to debut the first personal testimony a little early.  I received this beautiful poem from Joanne.  It will be going up on the new Testimonies page soon.  Be encouraged by Joanne’s heart shone so clearly in her poem.
Twas a bitter November eve
When the friend I loved would leave
It would drastically change my life
And my heart would always grieve.
His face showed much regret
That tear I’ll never forget
He said, “I’ve no other choice.”
I don’t see truth in that yet.
I didn’t quite understand
With the silent wave of his hand
Why my world came tumbling down
As he slipped from my grasp like sand.
My pain on the Lord I cast
My burdens were lifted at last
Since that bitter November eve,
Now two years have passed.
At times I still grow weary
My eyes get saddened and teary
Yet Jesus has always come through
So not long will I remain dreary.
Now for my friend I must pray
He would come to the Lord one day
Not for my sake, but his
That down his life he must lay.
I’ll certainly be alright
As long as my God is my Light
And Jesus is healing me of
That bitter November night.
– Joanne

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