“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21


Recently I have been learning more in depth about the circumstances around the divorce those eleven years ago.  The feelings that come with this are strange and sometimes painful, but not without God’s constant presence and comfort.  Not that I didn’t know most of what happened before, but hearing every detail again, along with some that I had not known is just another time when I have to submit my thoughts to the Lord.

One reason why these feelings are so confusing is because there is anger along with a deep compassion for my dad.  Looking at his story, I can easily see how I myself am not immune from temptation.  I cannot imagine being in sin without God.  I seriously do not know how I would survive without his constant care.  My heart is so moved for my dad because I can see the pain that he brought onto himself.  I pray for him every day “Oh Father, please save him!” because my heart breaks when I think of what he must be experiencing.  The loneliness and hopelessness is unfathomable to someone like me who has been in a community of Christians for my entire life.

For the past few weeks my Senior Pastor, Joshua Harris, has been preaching a sermon series called “Desperate” about prayer.  This, along with seeing some answered prayers, has really helped to change my attitude towards prayer.  I now see it as an opportunity to CHANGE things.  It really works!  Coming to God knowing that He is the only one who has the power to change things makes our prayer life so much more effective.  If we ask him to act in our lives, He will!  That is such an amazing concept.  It has motivated me to pray constantly for my friends’ situations and my family.  I continue to pray for my Dad and trust that one day God will bring him back to himself.

So I encourage you to pray.  Pour out your thoughts to God who will listen, and then ask him to act mightily in your life or in others’.


Speaking of prayer, I would be terribly grateful if you could take a moment and pray for a dear girl in our church who is currently going through a major health trial.   Her name is Amy and she had a brain hemorrhage on Tuesday night.  She is currently in ICU on life support, so all prayers for her recovery are extremely appreciated!  Amy is the picture of a servant’s heart.  She is so caring for others though her encouraging words and her welcoming smile.  Some prayer requests are:

– That her heart and lungs would continue to improve

– That any brain damage would be reversed

– That her family would have peace and comfort

– That Amy would feel God’s presence in her hospital room


What do you think?

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