“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

Glorious Obstacles

Some of the chief priests and Pharisees held hurried counsel together on the day after the crucifixion of Jesus. Yes, Jesus was dead, but they had a nagging feeling. Jesus had predicted that he would rise again three days after he died. Could it be…?

One of the younger priests signaled for the floor. “I myself do not believe the nonsense that this Jesus could rise from the dead. But what if his overzealous disciples decide to attempt some trick? They could easily steal away the body and make it appear that he has risen. We would be worse off than before!” Murmured tones of agreement sprinkled the air.

An elder motioned for silence. “The young man speaks truth. Let us bring our case before Pilate and petition him to place guards before the sealed tomb. That will keep any troublemakers away.”

Pilate agreed.

But in the afternoon after the third day, two rumpled guards rushed into the outer courts of Pilate and pleaded for an audience with their leader. A few minutes later they were admitted.

“Sir, it is just as they said!” The first exclaimed. “An angel appeared earlier this morning and struck us down in front of the tomb where Jesus lay. When we awoke, the tomb had been rolled away and the body was gone!”

The second chimed in breathlessly, “This was certainly a divine appearance; there is no way the blasphemers could have done this!”

Just think what would have happened if there had been no guards at the tomb that day, or if it had not been sealed by a heavy boulder. It would have been much easier to say that the disappearance of Jesus’ body was a fluke – a trick pulled off by the disciples to salvage a false religion. But instead the obstacles made it clear that only God could be behind such a miracle.

You might see your parents’ divorce as an obstacle in your life. It seems to have turned everything upside down. But just like the obstacles outside of Jesus’ tomb, the hard things in your life will only make the power of God more apparent.

[Written from Matthew 27:62-65]


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