“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

Precious Tears

A couple of days ago, I was moved as I was reading a true story about a young girl whose parents were getting a divorce. The detailed book was extremely close to the circumstances which surrounded my own parent’s divorce.

My mom moved our little family of four 3000 miles from California to Maryland so that we could be near our relatives after my dad left. As I read about this girl’s story, I was transported back to that time twelve years ago when I had to say goodbye to my dad without knowing when or if I would see him again. I remembered hugging him goodbye and not knowing why he couldn’t stay with us. I again relived the acute pain that I had felt when I was only five years old. Tears began to flow as I remembered in vivid detail.

After a few minutes, I tried to wipe away the tears and thought to myself, “This is silly; I can’t believe I’m crying all these years later!” I almost laughed at myself.

But right after I finished that thought, I heard God speak to me. He said in the most gentle, understanding voice, “Your tears are never silly to me.”

Those words quieted my heart.

His gentle words reminded me of his incredible love for me. He neverthinks that my sorrows are silly – even when I do! In fact, the psalms say that he keeps my tears in his bottle (Psalm 56:8). He knows my sorrow better than any other person ever could. His empathy exceeds all bounds. When I cry, he feels my pain because he bore it on the cross.

Next time you feel the sharp pain of grief, take comfort in the One who knows exactly what you feel. Burrow yourself in his chest and cry all your tears. He feels it too.


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