“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

His Eyes

Hello friends!

  Sorry for the unexpected break in posts — my laptop that I use to write them got a computer virus, and a friend is looking at it to see if he can get rid of it without erasing all my files (just goes to show that you really should get anti-virus softeware…).  So meanwhile here’s a poem that I wrote the old fashioned way — notebook paper. Shocker I know 😉

As I first step into that place

Where sorrow is no more

My Father runs to greet me

At the Glory Door


His eyes are bright and ancient

They know me to the core

Yet even though He knows my faults

His love is firm and pure


Suddenly I notice

His broken hands and feet

How could he have suffered

Just to be with me?


In his eyes I see deep pain

Like the hardest loss

Surely I would never know

The anguish of the cross


But my heart skips as the truth

Slowly fills my mind

The tears that issue from his eyes

Are for the pain that’s mine


“Dear child,” he says in gentle tones

His compassion overflowing

“I felt every moment of your pain,

Even wounds not showing.


“I saw when others hurt you,

When words and actions stung

When you were burdened and alone

That is why I hung.


“But free your heart, my daughter

For it will never be again.

From now on and forever

You will live in Heaven.”


His touch heals all my bruises

He lifts and holds me tight

And somehow gentle arms

Make everything alright


What do you think?

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