“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

He Loves Me

Every girl wants someone who will love her with that special love that she knows must be out there somewhere. Girls in divorced homes feel this need even more acutely when they don’t get that love from their father.

Teenage drama centers on the constant search for the perfect person, but disappointment prevails when that person doesn’t turn out to be who we thought they were. Could it be that this desire for “perfect love” was planted there by God so that he himself could fill it?

In the Bible, we find that there is one Man who has loved us more than we could ever imagine. Stories of self-sacrifice melt girls’ hearts, but God performed the ultimate act of self-sacrifice. He knowingly gave his life to rescue us from our captor: sin. He died a horribly painful death so that you could know his love. Instead of fighting a dragon, he fought death itself and won. One day we will go live with him in his castle. But until then, he has written us a long love letter and shares his secrets with us every day in prayer.

How can we still be so short-sighted as to crave love from another place? Even in these moments when we are unfaithful to our Prince, He only reaches out further to draw us back to himself. That love he displayed for you as he went to the cross is still the same today and forever.

Next time you are craving love from another place, take time to talk with the true lover of your soul.

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