“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

Under Fire

When I was little, my grandma bought a beautiful porcelain doll to entertain me when I visited her house. I was instructed to be extra careful with Lucy’s frail figure and to be sure to put away all of her things when I was done playing. I would sit for long visits just brushing her hair and smoothing her pastel blue dress. Her long black hair always glistened around her pale face when it was time to return her to her special place in the closet.

Today I learned something interesting about my little doll. In order to give porcelain its trademark characteristics, it is usually heated to about 2,500 degrees during its creation. Lucy had been through 12 times as much heat as normal humans can withstand! But the fire had given the doll her pretty white face, her delicate features, and her glass-like surface.

This firing process gives porcelain another added benefit. Often when people pick through the ruins of a house fire, porcelain is one of the only things that can be found in-tact. Because of the extreme heat that is needed to form the porcelain, it is able to endure temperatures that would destroy most other materials.

Just like that beautiful porcelain doll, we have all gone through the “fiery trials” talked about in 1 Peter 4:12. Divorce hurts. It may be the hardest thing you have ever gone through. But God can redeem this hurt by letting it make us stronger in faith and maturity.

Ask God to help make this truth real to you. If you are in the midst of deep hurt right now, look ahead to the hope that God is preparing you for a great work. Ask for his help, his eyes, and his wisdom in how to get through the fire.


Comments on: "Under Fire" (2)

  1. Caleb Barker said:

    Thank you for posting this. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

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