“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

Cassie’s Choice

Cassie’s heart thudded frantically in her chest. Her senses were focused only on the cold weapon pointed at her body.

“Do you believe in God?” The gunman asked accusingly, hatred burning deep in his eyes.

Thoughts spun through Cassie’s head. It would be easy enough to answer the way he wanted her to. The consequences for identifying herself as a believer in Jesus Christ were all too clear. But how could she deny her first love?

“Yes, I believe in God.” Her voice quavered, but her heart stood firm.

“Why?” He mocked.

But Cassie never got the chance to answer. The gunman squeezed the trigger and the seventeen-year-old martyr went to meet the King that she professed.

When I first read the story of Cassie Bernall, it provoked tough questions in my heart.  What if this had been me? Do I love God enough to give up my life to identify with him? As I read of other martyrs during the next several weeks, I came to realize that I would do so if given the chance.  Without God, I have nothing.

What about you? Are your hopes so rooted in Jesus Christ that without Him you have nothing? After you make the decision to give God the direction of your life, life becomes exciting. When our sole goal is to please him, we will live a life of adventure and risk. Often what he calls us to will not be easy. But throw yourself into his arms and trust that he is strong enough to carry you. Living out our passion for God means submitting our lives to be used by him in every way – not shirking from the opportunities he gives us.

Would you die for Christ’s name?

Then answer a more difficult question: will you live for His name?

“But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” – Acts 20:24 NLT


Comments on: "Cassie’s Choice" (4)

  1. Hey Aimee,
    This post touched me so deeply. About a year ago I think I would’ve said ‘no’. But now, I realize that God is my all. Sometimes God has to take everything away from you before you realize HE is you everything. Thanks for posting this.
    -Pure in Heart

  2. Hey Pure in Heart,
    Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your insight when you said that sometimes we realize that God is everything only after other things are taken away. So true. And it’s in these times that we realize how God is so much more than we could ever want in something else!
    – Aimee

  3. Great thoughts and questions you challenged us with, Aimee. I just read Acts 20:24 this morning before I looked at your post! It’s scary to think whether we would have to give up our lives to stand up for what we believe in. However, that would be demonstrating genuine, Christ-centered love for our Heavenly Father!

  4. Wow, what perfect timing, Danielle! It has been my favorite verse since last year when I read a book that quoted it. It’s a little uncomfortable — the thought of giving up everything for God. But it’s also encouraging to know that we have this clear purpose!

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