“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

The Rock

What would you say to a friend who told you she wanted to live in a sandcastle when she grew up?

A couple of weeks ago, I had inadvertently stopped having my quiet times. Now of course I hadn’t consciously decided to cut them out of my schedule, but since I hadn’t specifically planned them into my schedule, life took over and time with God in the mornings got overlooked.

I started having trouble in school, less fruit in my spiritual life, and general confusion in my heart.  After about a week of this, I was exasperated. Why couldn’t I concentrate? As a last resort and an attempt to bring some order to my day, I decided that I would have my quiet time every morning, no matter how much homework I had due.

The difference was instantaneous. My clarity of thought returned, schoolwork became easier, and I felt noticeably closer to God during the day.

A few days later, I read a parable that describes my experience. In the story, one man decides to build a house on a solid foundation. He digs deep into the rock of his land and builds a sturdy house that withstands many storms throughout the years. Jesus says that this man is “everyone who comes to me and hears my words and does them” (Luke 6:47).

Another man also gets excited about building his house. He spends hours thinking of the perfect location for the mansion. He thinks, what could be nicer than a house on the beach? So he goes against the advice of his hired builders and constructs a home on the sand. A storm comes just a few days after he finishes, completely demolishing the ill-fated project. This is exactly what I experienced a few weeks ago when I stopped spending time with God every morning.

Does your life seem a little chaotic at the moment? Have you been spending time with God every day, hearing his words and building your life on the sturdy rock of his presence?

Start taking a little time every day to obey the command to build your life on the rock. You can start out like I did, simply reading a page or so in the book of Luke each morning. If you keep it up, the difference is obvious!


Comments on: "The Rock" (2)

  1. Aimee- Thank you for reminding us we need to build our life on the sturdy rock of God’s presence. When I read your post, I thought of the old hymn called “The Solid Rock.” The chorus sings, “On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand; All other ground is sinking sand.” I don’t think I sang that song in years! I spend most of my time singing praise songs instead of hymns. However, your post brought this particular song to my mind and the chorus now has a new meaning in my life. May you continue to draw closer to the Lord and encourage people with your writing!

    • Oh wow, I hadn’t even thought about that hymn! But it relates so well; Christ really is the solid rock that can hold up our lives. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. =)

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