“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

I always knew I wanted to do something different for my last year in highschool. I finished taking all of my credits in my junior year so that my senior year could be left for interesting classes and career-related internships. Now my senior year is here, and I have been working on a really exciting project…

…I am writing a book!

My book is a devotional/bible study for teen girls with divorced parents. I am super excited about this. I just finished the complete outline last week! Each lesson is going to open with a story (one of my personal stories, an illustration, or the story of another teen girl who grew up in similar circumstances) and study an encouraging scripture passage. There will be space to journal your thoughts and interactive activities to help you grow in your faith.

And here’s where you come in. I am looking for teen girls that I can interview to write the opening stories from! If you are interested in telling me your story of fatherlessness, divorce, or anything similar, let me know by emailing me at allfilledup@gmail.com.  I am completely willing to change names or minor details if that would be a hindrance for you.

You could be in a book!


What do you think?

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