“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

His List

The large party room was filled with the sound of clinking glasses as my group of summer interns and our families celebrated the end of the summer at this special luncheon. “Excuse me, excuse me,” the intern coordinator took the stage and waited for the noise to calm down.  “Hi,” she smiled, “it’s time to present the certificates to the interns.” She began to call each highschooler up to the stage where she handed them a certificate. I got ready for my turn. But before I knew it, the room erupted in loud applause for the group standing up front. My name hadn’t been called! The rest of my table turned questioning eyes towards me. Should I walk up there anyway? How embarrassing! Suddenly I heard someone shout my name. One of my friends went up to the coordinator to explain that I had not been called. My pulse pounded in my ears. I hoped the crowd couldn’t see the redness of my face. The coordinator brought me to the center of the stage and the audience gave me another round of applause. A moment later I walked back to my table.

This situation was pretty embarrassing at the time, but I learned a valuable lesson later when I was reading in my quiet time. I was reminded that God also has a list of names. He records every person who has believed in his sacrifice for salvation. If you trust Jesus as your savior, YOU are on that list! You belong to an eternal family. But unlike humans who sometimes make mistakes, God never fails. On that last day when God calls each name on the list, you will not be forgotten.

Do you feel like your circumstances make you an outcast? Like your parents have neglected you and your feelings when they make major decisions? Turn your gaze on Jesus who sees you every moment of every day of your life. One day you will be called to share in his joy forever, because you’re on his list.


Comments on: "His List" (2)

  1. Hi Aimee, It took me a long time to accept I was on that list even after I received Christ. I mistakenly thought I had to say the prayer over and over! I like how you were able to take your embarrassing situation and relate it to salvation. I have been in many situations that made me feel different or an outcast. Thank you for reminding us to fix our eyes on Christ! Great post!

    • Yes, it is so easy to slip back into feeling like I need to “earn” God’s love or acceptance. And yet he already accepts us! Thanks for your input. =)

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