“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

Additional Resources

For parents:

When God Is Faithful

When God is Faithful and Your Husband Isn’t  is the true story of God’s miraculous work in the life of Janice Porter Lynch as she went through a heartbreaking divorce. Read this book to help build your faith in God and in His Word through your crisis of any kind.

Also visit Janice’s website, WhenGodIsFaithful.com, to find out more about the seven biblical keys to victory over any crisis.



Here are a few of my favorite songs. I hope they are encouraging to you!  Click on the song and it will redirect you to a Grooveshark page.

Songs that specifically deal with divorce/God as your father:

God Delights in You || Sovereign Grace Music
Just Like You || Lecrae
Freedom Song || Mandisa

Songs about  hardship:

Stay With Me || Barlow Girl
Everything Falls || Steve Fee
Arms that Hold the Universe || Steve Fee

Other uplifting songs:

Sing Me a Love Song || Barlow Girl
All Because of Jesus || Steve Fee
Happy Day || Steve Fee
Free || Mandisa
Will You Take Me As I Am ||Lecrae
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