“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

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The Skink

All eyes were fixed on the man at the front of the room. Nobel Laureate John Mather, a respected scientist and NASA employee, was giving a lecture to the large crowd that had gathered to hear him speak. The room barely had enough space for the eager assemblage; several sets of people chose to sit on the floor because there was not enough space in the chairs. No one dared to make additional noise for fear that it would cause them to lose one of the precious words that came from the scientists’ mouth. Everyone knew: hearing this lecture was the most important thing they could be doing at the moment.

Enter: the skink. It started as a flicker at the corner of my eye. I turned, but didn’t notice anything strange near the group of people sitting by the glass doors. Soon I was lost in the speakers’ words.

Flash. I saw something again, and this time the girl next to me had also turned to look. A second later a little lizard had crawled into the room by coming under the threshold of the glass doors. Several people on the outer row of the audience were watching, amused, as the intruder scuttled along the base of the wall in search of a cool, damp place to settle down. The girls sitting against the wall were not quite as amused.

Then a second skink popped its head out from the doorframe to join its friend in looking for a break from the sun. People in the crowd continued to point and chuckle quietly as they noticed, one by one, the drama unfolding on the side of the room. The lizards had stolen the show.

Do you have lizards ruling in your life right now – things that seem so important that they distract you from hearing the Person whose words are the most vital part of your life? Ultimately God should be the star of the show in our lives. Psalm 104:34 says it this way, “May my meditation be pleasing to him, for I rejoice in the Lord.”

What do you spend your time thinking about? Maybe you are tempted to spend every waking moment analyzing and re-analyzing a problem if you have had a divorce or other tragedy happen recently. But no matter how many times you go over your problems, you won’t be able to solve them alone! Remember the One who should be on center stage.

Tell me, what do you do to keep your thoughts centered on God? I’d like to highlight some of your ideas in an upcoming blog series!

Dangerous Dependence

Recently I watched Transformers for the first time when our family was going on vacation and we checked out several movies from the library to watch during our trip. I’ll save you my opinion of the movie itself, but there was one scene that really stuck out to me. It is the one where Spike is desperately trying to keep the Decepticons from taking the all-powerful Allspark. He is standing on the pinnacle of a tower with the cube in his hands, and the head Decepticon is trying to grab it from his hand. Rather than let them take it, he throws the cube over the side of the building with the hope that one of the Autobots will catch it.

You may be wondering why I was so captivated by this rather obscure scene. Well, it’s because I realized just how much that scene applies to my life. Sometimes I need to remind myself that God is there to catch me. I need to throw my trust down from my tower of safety and trust that God is able to catch it.

It’s especially intuitive to rely entirely on yourself when you live in a home with divorced parents. You’ve been hurt by other people’s failures, you’ve had to live on your own, and you have been forced to take on adult responsibilities. The world and common sense say that we should just stop hoping in other people and should depend on ourselves alone.

So far, I haven’t found a verse in the bible that says we have to trust in other people. But there are plenty of verses that speak about the joy of putting our trust in God. Unlike other people in our lives, he is totally reliable. Take a chance. He is trustworthy.